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My place of employment (business consulting company) is seeking someone to do IT training and how-to application support.

- Develop training materials for various systems and software and present them in our 7 offices (some travel will be involved, call it maybe 10-20%) around the country, and London.
- Take end user application-support calls. I handle helpdesk currently, I'll transition to the break-fix half of helpdesk & sys-admin and you'll cover the how-to calls as part of extended training responsibilities.
- Other responsibilities as necessary, I can get you a more full description if you're interested. (Small team, currently 3 people, so everyone chips in when/where needed.)

Main Software:
MS Office 2k3, WinXP, Acrobat, assorted database products.
Also: MSSQL and Lotus Notes, nice if you know them, not mandatory. we can train you up to speed.

100 person company, office in cambridge (1.5 blocks from red line).
Lots of travel to NYC, some travel to other branch offices.

No current training system in place, opportunity to develop the whole shebang in your image.
Easily T accessible.
Small, friendly company.
Paid travel.
You get to work side-by-side with me!

You have to work side-by-side with me.

Comment if interested, or e-mail me, cybertrash at gmail.
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