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Network Design FAIL

This is what I just walked into at my client...

Two Internet lines for redundancy. T1 is the primary (x1). Comcast is the secondary (x2). What they were going for is if the T1 fails Firewall would automatically switch over to the Comcast line. They also have redundancy on the firewalls (sonicwalls.)

This is the failure: The Firewall polls it's ports for connectivity status. If it detects no signal at x1 it will shut down the port and move all traffic to x2. The current set up, however, does not allow for this. If the T1 goes down, the firewall polls its port and still sees an active connection to the SWITCH. If you power off the switch-- it goes over to Comcast fine.

How do you reorganize this topology to correct the issue and restore proper redundancy?
I'll be over here eating a sammich.
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