Антивирус Avast! Pro на русском языке

Антивирус Avast! на русском языке — это очень не плохой антивирус который подойдет для защиты вашего компьютера или ноутбука от вирусов которые могут угрожать его работе. Антивирус Avast! на русском языке поддерживает поиск опасных компьютерных вирусов в письмах, файлах, файлов скриптов и тому подобное. Обновляется антивирус Avast! через интернет, так что у вас всегда будет свежая база вирусов для защиты вашего компьютера от вирусов. Из приятного антивирус обладает приятным и понятным интерфейсом и поддержкой скинов.

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Bandwidth throttling.

How the eff is it even legal?

Not that what I'm trying to do when I get my speed cut off is legal, but hey, it COULD be! Who are they to judge me?!

(this isn't really serious enough to snark, but feel free if you must)

GDI+ WMF Integer Overflow Vulnerability

Logic error
Impact of exploitation
Remote Code Execution
User Interaction
user interaction is needed
Attack Vector
Maliciously Crafted File
CVE reference

Vendor Status
Responded and patched
Vulnerable systems
Internet Explorer 6 SP1,
Office Word Viewer 2003,
Excel Viewer 2003 SP3,
Office PowerPoint Viewer 2003,
Office Compatibility Pack For Word Excel Ppt 2007 ,
Expression Media All,
Office Groove Server 2007,
SQL 2000 Reporting Service SP2,
Sql Server 2005 SP2,
Visual Studio .Net 2003 SP1,
Visual Studio 2008,
Report Viewer 2005 SP1,
Report Viewer 2008,
Visual Fox Pro 6.0,
Forefront Client Security 1.0,
A vulnerability in Microsoft GDI+ may allow remote code execution.

Please visit softe.org for further information on the latest spyware virus worm and how to clean your PC
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You can make my dreams come true


My name is Eugene. I'm from Russia. I have a dream. My dream is Ipod Nano.

And today YOU can make my dreams come true.

I take part in a competition for 500 Nano's. And only can help me to win an
Ipod. All I ask you to do is to register in russian social network by this link:


It's absolutely free, but you need to verify your registration with your mobile phone.
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RDP graphics issues

Anyone ever see an issue where multiple users when utilizing Remote Desktop suddenly start to get graphic errors? For example if they move an Outlook window the graphics duplicate themselves, get choppy, or sometimes form 'grid' like patterns?

I'm testing things and so far I can not duplicate it but three users have complained about the exact same symptoms. Their local desktops display fine.
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Easy Question

Okay, let's say you run a small office with a couple servers -- you're the administrator but you're frequently out of the office. Let's say that three times out of the year one of the servers does something wonky and the only way to "fix" it is to let one of your employees reboot the system.

How do you deal with this from a security standpoint?

Do you give that user the admin credentials and hope for the best? Do you change the system policy to allow shutdown without login from the console? What would you suggest?
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Backup Solutions

I have a client that has about ~400gb of data to backup. I have to quote them the best backup solution possible. Multiple servers; exchange, sql, terminal server, backup, and the PDC. I have a LT04 estimate from dell (you can see it here) but am curious if this is the best solution. What are your opinions on using a couple of external 500gb hard drives and rotating them? Are there advantages/disadvantages to this? (I have my opinions but I'd like yours.)

Cost is a factor with this client but I'm hoping they'll do what is best for the business long term versus shying away and doing something cheaper yet ineffective.
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Google Voice

Just FYI (Thanks to CNN this morning):
Google is currently accepting applications for users to receive invites to their Google Voice service.
You can sign up here
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Mail Error in Outlook

Sending from Outlook I get a random error:
550 5.7.1 n2BHjD2u031448 This message does not comply with required standards.

Using webmail I can send the same test msg fine.

I'm googling and checking with some common net-help sites but figured I'd drop this here as well in case any of you have run across this.
The outgoing test msg is a normal e-mail, nothing fancy, and it only comes back with an error from time-to-time. I'm guessing its an issue with the mail host but they seem clueless so unless I can point them in the right direction this won't get resolved.

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