Jedi (jedi) wrote in bostonit,

oh my head

Okay check this.

I got a client.
They have a t1 line.
From an Adtran t1 router it goes to a 5 port switch.
From that switch it goes to a linksys router and a single PC.
From the same switch it also goes to a server that has two nics (one WAN one LAN)
The server is running ISA.

Here's the deal that has me banging my head into a wall.
They access a secure site (https) for most of their work.
From the single pc that is outside the network it works fine.
From the server or insane the LAN it does not.

I can access a ton of other secure sites fine from the server.
It takes FOREVER for the site to time out - it just seems to keep trying to connect.

I've disabled ISA, I've verified there is no firewall on the adtran, I've verified the url can be pinged, I've done trace routes, etc.

No f'n clue why this single site from inside the network won't load.

Anyone magically got a solve for this?
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