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Welcome to the BostonIT community!

This community is for Boston area techs, engineers,
programmers, consultants, and end-users to discuss
anything related to technology.

It is this communities goal to share information
and to help each other resolve issues.

Please keep in mind that posts should be of interest to
the community at large. Posts do not always have to be
about technology but try to avoid deviating too often.

What is not allowed in this community:

* Posts that are obviously personal in nature
(i.e. should be in your personal journal)
* Posts attacking members of the community
* Advertisements for pay websites
* Pornography (there are users under 18 here)
* Trolling

Also, please use lj-cut tags for long posts.
This means posts that do not fit in one screens worth of space.
Also, please cut large images, off-topic posts and polls.
If you do not know how this FAQ can help.

Be sure to check out b0st0n for more Boston area discussions.


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